The Storybag

We collaborated with the  St Bedes Centre in Rotherhithe to develop a storytelling performance for adults with learning disabilites. We performed the show to different groups of adults who attend this day centre on different days of the week.

This is the first time we have developed work for this type of audience as a company although Catherine and Emily have previous experience of work with adults with learning disabilities.

It was an absolute pleasure to deliver these interactive storytelling performances and we had great fun. Each perfomance was different as there were opportunities for the audience to get involved.


We used a Korean story as the basis for our devising and then added a Peoplescape twist to the storytelling.

Our story is about Angie, a young woman who loves stories on TV, in books and films. She gets all her friends to tells her stories and collects them in her ‘storybag’ But when her friends ask her to tell a story she refuses and says she can’t tell stories. One night, when Angie is asleep, the characters in her storybag come to life. One character is so angry with Angie for trapping him in the bag, he decides to play tricks on her to teach her a lesson. On the way to her best friend Cindy’s house, Angie encounters a series of weird events. When she gets there, she tells Angie the ‘story’ of her journey and realises she can tell stories after all. She has gained confidence to tell a story and so the characters are released from the bag.


We tell the story using shadow puppets, narration, character in role and music. The audience contribute their favourite stories and characters to the ‘storybag’ and are able to help Angie develop her confidence to tell stories.

This story is available to book by day centres for adults with learning disabilities.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in booking this story or commissioning a new story.

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