The Silent Songbird

“The performance that you and your colleagues put on for the year 1 children was fantastic! We have never seen the children so engaged during a show like this before.
It was a pleasure to have you at the school and would be more than happy to accept another viewing in the near future.”   Benchill Primary School

buSq9Kb720bH8nJ7UM8ZZ_UGMXqot1V6FLRdI8ix9Lg,i7B_RS6eBTR8qIjoUj51r8yM7V1S_VGQCwoPKdBWqhY“Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed their experience with the Silent Songbird. Our pupils and staff were mesmerized by the performance and we feel the children grasped a lot of important messages… As a school we are tackling the diversity and community work, but Early Years and KS1 is always hard to find support for. A very valuable performance and we would love more like this.”   Crosslee Primary School

_f5H_oMDRbfKs-rqy8CrFm3DJDEylmRdx9E0kjzG39w,sJxxY5AMoOCtJ6e0sECEmck6cOCLLfCSHTAbYEmk0lc,WnaLbYm8bIP4wDLcCgXRFetZoVJd1U3Wa4PKvzEIsKQWe have now performed The Silent Songbird to over 2,500 children aged 2 – 11 in four different versions; EYFS, KS1, pupils with ASC, children with PMLD and learning difficulties and children with profound hearing impairment.  Working in collaboration with Chester Zoo and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, we interwove the stories of Joy (a young girl with selective mutism), her Grandpa (who loves gardening and the birds who visit) and the desperate situation for the songbirds in Indonesia.  We are very pleased to be supporting the great work that Chester Zoo is doing to help our songbirds in the UK and around the world and also to be raising awareness and understanding of children with selective mutism.

-RKJqUlwrEhYRsw2jnXV_mzCrHTRrqinhxjpK5SrTd8,vXTWDi6dkiblmvLqwC84gYI9EVHLuxBulH20DPeQOzw,hTdkcFWECCZZb-MhaDC7HigWdA4kpBOXlnIZe1fXbHM,M4nHRJiYtTTILLTBASWkIyRoBxX76P_3Rq-Utpa6WAwThis story drew on elements of the traditional story of The Ugly Duckling however The Silent Songbird very much celebrates difference and diversity.

The cast of three included the completely brilliant Matt Wardle (also of Northwest Drama), Kathryn Williams who stunned pupils and staff alike with her flute and playful performance and Emily Capstick (me) who was also the principal maker for the performance.

Thank you to Claire Carroll (at One Education) and Tina Kirwin for their valuable advice and guidance.

Also, huge thanks to a wonderful creative team: Alison Hale, Annette Cobbley-Francis, Emma Broadhurst, Monica Sagar, Catherine Evans, and Steve Howe for their support, enthusiasm and creative generosity (as always).

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