The Gingerbread People Theatre in Manchester schools

“That was awesome. Do it again!”

That’s the feedback we had from our autumn tour 2019 and we are – as a film!

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and part of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival, here is what children & teachers said:

“That show was amazing!”

“The show was so funny.”

“My best bit was when the gingerbread man was a king.”

“I liked joining in with the beautiful singing.”

“The baker was so funny he made me laugh.”

“I liked rolling the gingerbread.”

“It was good that what I said was in the show.”

“It taught me to care for people.”

“It taught me how to make up my own games.”

“It was a very inclusive and enjoyable performance and it was a joy to see some of our quieter and less confident children laughing out loud as they got wrapped up in it.”

“There aren’t many opportunities out there for our students, It was fantastic that the production had tailored a session to meet the very specific sensory needs of our students. You could see students responding through the beaming smiles. Truly wonderful – thank you so much.”

“The children’s understanding of the storyline and the characters in the discussions we had following our viewing was astounding.  They really got it thanks to the delivery.”

“It was very engaging for the children and gave a very positive message. I like how the children were involved and had to show teamwork and work together. It was lovely to see the children laughing and enjoying the story.”