The Magic Porridge Pot

For KS1 & EYFS, watch our latest participatory performance for free now!

Between October 2020 & July 2021, our brilliant creative team worked incredibly hard to safely share our original interpretation of The Magic Porridge Pot to more than 4000 children in primary and specialist support schools in Manchester. We are proud to be part of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival.

It’s not the same as live theatre but we hope you enjoy our film of the performance! If you do, please tell others about it… (We’d love to hear what you think of it so please email via the contact page.)

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What teachers said…

As you will have seen, the children loved the show. It was really clever how you tied in themes of ‘lockdown’ without being too explicit. It also had lots of PSHE links. The children loved the puppets 

The children absolutely loved the performance and have been talking about it all week! The children have been mark making and labelled their favourite character in the performance and they were amazed by the puppets and especially adored the Goldilocks puppet and the cat. I would highly recommend this theatre company. 

 The Y2 teacher told me that two of her children with SEN needs were ‘mesmerised’ with the performance – which truly speaks volumes of how wonderful your team are! 

The adults in class appreciated how interactive it was and that the children’s ideas were included. I really liked how it linked to the children’s recent experiences of being stuck at home. The whole performance was funny and creative.

The calm down techniques were really helpful and something we can easily do in class. All the children were really engaged and fascinated.  It was a great way of talking about our experience of the pandemic without having to be explicit about Covid. Really really wonderful!