The Elves & the Shoemaker

“Fantastic!” “Awesome!” “That was so funny!” “Beautiful”

Our new original interpretation of this classic tale has versions tailored for EYFS, KS1 & year 3 plus children with additional needs & sensory impairments. With gorgeous live music on harp, accordion and ukulele, puppetry and our innovative participation, we are pleased to present this performance as part of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival (Manchester Metropolitan University) and supported by public funding from Arts Council England from the National Lottery.

The Shoemaker could make the shoes herself if only she had a bit of self-confidence but how we can help our friends to keep trying? When a new elf arrives in the mouse hole, Elvina the Elf worries about sharing her shoemaker – she’s her special friend. The children guide the elves as they learn to share friendship and to encourage each other as well as the shoemaker.

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