All about us

Peoplescape Theatre was founded by Emily Capstick and Alison Hale in 1996. We create participatory drama and theatre in schools and museums and we deliver training about our work. Our work is multisensory, accessible and enabling. We often use puppets, props, storytelling, and music in our performances. Emily and Alison write, direct and perform and facilitate – Emily also designs and makes.

We are based in both Manchester and London and create work in both cities. Up until now our work has been largely been commissioned by word of mouth – one project has led to another. Emily and Alison began creating projects in Manchester – Alison moved to London and although both Emily and Alison were working on separate projects, the opportunities to work together again as Peoplescape  kept coming up and the work kept growing and developing.  So we now know the train line between Manchester and London very well!

We’ve always collaborated with museums in our work – with partnerships with 14 museums since 1996, but we’re now also collaborating with schools, theatre companies and other drama practitioners which we’re really excited about.